Alex and Ani Number 7 Charm Bracelet?? Yes, Please!!!


I have a new obsession. It started one restless night where the internet became my best friend. My Google search of bumblebee (I was looking for tattoo designs) brought up an Alex and Ani bracelet with a cute little bee charm. It was on sale, so I bought it. Since then, I’ve purchased a couple more bracelets.

One day I came across the number 7 design. Of course I HAD TO HAVE IT! The number 7 and I have always had a connection. Not in a typical lucky number kind of way, but Not only does it represent the name of the magazine, but the number 7 also holds a special place in my life. It’s a number that has been reoccurring in my life. I am the seventh child out of nine, I have nieces and nephews born the 7th of the month and also one of my daughters was born on the 7th. I gained more love for the number after reading the description for the bracelet on the Alex and Ani website:

Seven is a number unlike all the others. It is the most intensely spiritual, the most mystical, and the most scholarly and analytical. People who embody this number are known to be truth-seekers and information-gatherers. They often travel within to uncover inner wisdom. Natural researchers and teachers, they need silence and alone time, good books, and the peace found outdoors in nature to rejuvenate their souls. Notice and feel the spiritual workings around you, and seek the divine truth.

I’m going to end this post here, because well…. what else can I say about my connection to the number 7 that Alex and Ani didn’t cover? Not much actually. . . and so, enter the contest so that you can win this beautiful bracelet. Thanks for playing!




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Ymelda Ramirez

Ymelda Ramirez enjoys lounging on the beach while sipping a Skinny Margarita and watching her dog, Jeter. run around chasing air while hiding from the terrifying sounds of the waves crashing up on shore. With her pink and black composition notebook, Hello Kitty pen, lap top or a good book in tow (sometimes the Kindle)... she lives life one word at a time. Always remembering to laugh along the way!

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