This is Seven

Seven is a voice. A voice that speaks with graceful intellect that is always filled with laughter and reason. Seven has a voice that does not conform. The opinions may not always coincide, yet the differences are respectfully embraced. While literally and politically incorrect, the art will revel in uniqueness, honesty and facts. The purpose is to provoke it’s readers to think outside the norm, to inspire humanity, to be daring, to be bold and to always take risk. The belief is to conquer fear, trudging forward to the places where it leads.

Seven’s seductive terminology will ignite the challenge to unite and have a meeting of the minds; to think freely, to free yourselves from mass identities, to free yourselves from the stigmas of society. For it is one who is armed with knowledge that speaks with purpose.

You are invited to welcome different.

This is Seven…


Ymelda Ramirez
The Starbucks Addict

Ymelda Ramirez enjoys lounging on the beach while sipping an iced-double-tall-non-fat-add-the-whip-light-ice-white mocha and watching her dog Jeter run around chasing air and hiding from the terrifying sounds of the waves crashing up on shore.

Composition notebook & pen, her lap top in tow or with a good book (sometimes the Kindle…gotta love that Prime membership) in her hands…she lives life one word at a time always remembering to laugh along the way.


The Thought Pusher

“Ladies and gentleman, making her way to the ring weighing in at over 3,000 words and standing sarcastically high MAKE SOME NOISE FOR TIFFANY!!!! **enter celebratory madness & play Rocky theme music** She’s an avid reader, a book blogger and a massively talented procrastinator. Tiffany “The Thought Pusher” is known for her powerful uppercut which she uses to bring her points home. So love her or hate her- she’s ready. She’s here to fight.


K.S. Pratt
The Capricious Intellectual

Greetings! This is the section where I’m supposed to spill my guts and glory. The segment reserved for boring facts; my life’s accomplishments, with me spattering about the heart of who I am in less than five hundred words. Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah! Well, I’m not sure what you were expecting, there’s not much to see here so keep scrolling! I’m only kidding! Ok, I’m not really joking, but since you’re being so intrusive I’ll lay it on the line.

Hi! My name is K.S. Pratt (I’ll never tell you what those initials stand for) my passion for literary and visual arts were encouraged by my grandmother an elementary/special education teacher and oratorical master, who made it her mission to immerse her family in all things related to the arts. That’s code for I grew up without a television in my home for many years.

I’m fluent in sarcasm, dry humor, and staunchly oppose all things ordinary. My heart bleeds for humanity; I’m a sucker for a good cause. This woman is well versed in the language of literature; words are my religion, the alpha and omega of my existence. In other news…I could probably give Paula Deen a run for her money in the baked goods department. Hello! Wait! All hail to the queen! No disrespect Paula I simply adore you and idolize your culinary skills. In case you hadn’t noticed, I’m a special adult with a permanent case of ADD. Oh look! A squirrel! Focus, focus, focus, focus, focus! Seriously, expressing oneself through written word is a talent not many possess; apparently a lot of people have faith in my abilities. Those poor misguided fools! Care to join them?

CotyCoty Poynter
“Writing is a window to the soul.”

Oh. Hello. Nice of you to stop by the bio section to learn more about our 7. I suppose I’ll jump into it now. I’m Coty Poynter, native to Maryland, college student, and an aspiring writer who delves in the details of short stories, and eventually longer stories such as a novel, perhaps. Only time will tell. I dabble in poetics, though its not my strong suite, I enjoy it. Writing came to me at a time of need and has stuck around ever since, and for that I’m grateful. If it wasn’t for writing, my sanity may not exist. Well that’s all I feel matters. Enjoy what you read and feel free to contribute and support. Nice to meet your acquaintance.


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